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Beetle Diffuser Assembly video

Diffuser in action

Images Made with Beetle Diffuser

                                                               About the Beetle Diffuser

Soft light is very important when shooting macro subjects as it shows great detail, reduces harshness and also makes the image pleasant looking. Also the light coverage over the subject is very important.

The diffuser will work great for insects, frogs, small snakes like pit vipers and anything similarly sized. The closer you are to the subject better the diffusion.. This diffuser has 5 attachable parts and can be completely dismantled and packed flat into a 15 inch bag which can easily go into a laptop compartment of a camera bag or your travel bag/suitcase for portability.

It also has a detachable bottom reflector which can be used to bounce back light  in situation where you are getting shadows under the subject and want to have light  evenly fill in. In situations where you might no be able to use the bottom reflector you can easily detach it and mount it on top of the diffuser.

It has a Led module designed specially for focus assist in dark situations, it is powered by Powerbank.

The light coming from it will be more than enough to gain focus of any subject in dark conditions.

This diffuser is compatible with DSLRs, Mirrorless cameras with lenses ranging from 60mm to 180mm macro lens with and without raynox adapters or extension tubes attached and available for different type of speedlights ( Standard sized flash, mini flash, Round head flash)..

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